BREWT Peerconf 1

Going to a peer conference is a wonderful thing. You meet lovely and interesting people, learn tons of new things, reinforce your own ideas and go home with enough energy to change the world.


BREWT Peerconf 1 will be no different. Yet it will be, because there’ll be a distinct Belgian touch of surrealism, self-mockery, outstanding cuisine, delicious chocolate and exceptional beer.
At the heart of all this stands a group of testers with love for their craft and a hunger to learn from each other.

As organisers, we’re proud of seeing this event take shape.

Location: BREWT Peerconf 1 will be held at the RedLoft. It’s a nice, peaceful, stylish room close to the ancient city center of Ghent. The owners are warm people who we trust to cater to our every need.
Planning: The Peerconf itself starts on Saturday at 9:00. Breakfast, lunch and breaks are included. The event ends at 18:00 at which we’ll break out one of our Belgian treasures: the outrageously exclusive West Vleteren 12 beer (…and other drinks).
However, you are most welcome from Friday evening onward until Sunday evening. We’ll have activities planned, such as a city guided tour by one of our very own.
Attendees: While it is not a custom to ‘unveil’ the list of attendees just yet, we will say this: We couldn’t have hoped on a more positive response. We’ll meet old friends, new faces, people from very far & people who make the world a better place.
AST Grant: We are happy to share with you that The Association for Software Testing has kindly offered us a grant (through their Grant Program) to support our first BREWT Peer Conference.
Flixbus vouchers: To those that are looking at transportation costs and would consider using the Flixbus service to Ghent, we offer quite a few vouchers to reduce the price even further. (very interesting for Londoners/UK-ers, as the tunnel cost is severly lower)
These vouchers were earned during a bughunt by the good testers of one of our BREWT meetups.
To summarize, we’re humbled by the response we’ve gotten to our call for participation.
We know it’s not easy nor evident to take the weekend off and spend it with a couple of crazy Belgian testers.
It’s true, we’re crazy… for you… and testing.
If there’s anyone here who’s interested to participate, sign up on this website. We’ve a few spots left for this year.