BREWT meetup 3

As usual, we started with some pizza and got to know each other. After our diner we had 2 wonderful lightning talks. Beren Van Daele started with a presentation about automation and left us with a discussion about it. Bram Bleyen followed up the debate about knowing, bliss or curse.

This time we didn’t proceed as we normally would. Other meetups we had an open space, but now we an actual application to test.
This application was the ‘Flixbus’ website. They gave us access to their staging environment to try out the new things they’ve been working on.
We divided the group in several small groups form 2-3 people and let them do what they are good in, TEST!

After 50 minutes of testing, we wrapped up the testing session and went to the most interesting part. The debrief, a moment where we share our experiences and testing approaches. We used the ‘PROOF‘ methode coined by Jonathan Bach.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-01 at 23.01.53

Andreas and Shenthil.

The first team went on a mission to find the longest routes, but got frustrated quite fast. They stopped doing that and saw that you can enter a ‘voucher’. They found a voucher online, tried it but it didn’t work as expected. One of the thing they missed was good user feedback. After this they tried SQL-injection but that seemed to be caught nicely.
Since they weren’t using their own pc for this test session, they missed the tools they normally use. Although they felt annoyed with the application at times, they did find it robust as well.

Bram and Jantine

This duo focused on the user experience. The drop-down list is one of the things they felt that didn’t match the expected ‘standard behavior’. This might be due to standard shortcuts not working as expected.
One of the things they did conclude is that pairing isn’t always easy. 2 people using one PC might result in one person feeling ignored.

Kiril and Tjen

Both of these guys are very code-focused in their dayjob. They decided to tackle performance first but didn’t find an readily available API. This made test automation difficult. Since we tried using the staging environment but always ended up on the production environment they got confused and continued on production.
They shifted focus on internationalization and languages. This definitely brought some interesting issues regarding languages.

Quentin, Pieter and Vasileios

In the back we had 3 guys who started out without a charter and just went for it! They couldn’t really decide on a charter and went for “business value”. They quickly ran into the same issues as the other teams, mainly about user experiences and language trouble. Vasileios felt that the application might be unsafe and would focus on that if he were to test the application again. This team also struggled with the testability.

Beren and Zeger

On the beamer we had Beren and Zeger look at a map they found on the production application. They used it as a starting point for their tests, where they were looking for layover on longer routes. This topic quickly changed to prices, which are more fun to play with. We ended up doing mobtesting with the beamer at the front. This team used the word ‘wonder’ to describe their first testing session.

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